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February 24, 2019

Lovely Fall Wedding with navy, burgundy and blush tones at Rolling Hills Ranch in Decatur, TX.

December 21, 2017

My Favorite Inspirational Quotes. Let's keep out Monday Vibes positive and funny!

October 30, 2017

Photography: Travis Cobb | Flowers: Clay Honeycutt

Earlier this year, I completed a class and became a Certified Wedding & Event Planner.  I learned lots of great information and it really inspired me to put myself out there and pursue the chance to be more creativ...

June 20, 2017

Photography: Travis Cobb 

I've always felt it was important to give back to my local community.  Leighton's Gift is a charity that I've always felt was worth my time.  The charity raises money to put Peek-a-Boo webcams in NICU's that allow parents to view and speak to t...

June 1, 2017

Some things to think about: If your dress is white and the getaway car is white, your dress may not stand out with the car in the background.  If the groom's tux is black and the getaway car is black, he may blend in with  the car.  Silver is an excellent color cho...

May 22, 2017

Don’t forget the music! Pick up a cordless Bluetooth speaker to setup in a central area and enjoy your favorite playlists throughout the party. Set up yard games for adults and kids!