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Volunteering My Time: Leighton's Ride

Photography: Travis Cobb

I've always felt it was important to give back to my local community. Leighton's Gift is a charity that I've always felt was worth my time. The charity raises money to put Peek-a-Boo webcams in NICU's that allow parents to view and speak to their newborn, which facilitates the bonding experience even when they can’t physically be at the bedside. For more info go to:

Leighton's Ride Registration Table

Each year in May, the charity hosts a motorcycle ride and concert to raise funds for their cause. This year they even had a Classic Car Show. I enjoy volunteering my time at this event each year! I've even been able to take my Polaris Slingshot out on the ride the last couple of years and we always have a blast driving around the Texas back-roads and waving at everyone. I think we had about 40 bikes this year even though it was threatening to rain all morning!

Photo Credit: Travis Cobb

See more of his lovely work at

Leighton's Ride Registration Table

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