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The Launch Party

Photography: Travis Cobb | Flowers: Clay Honeycutt

Earlier this year, I completed a class and became a Certified Wedding & Event Planner. I learned lots of great information and it really inspired me to put myself out there and pursue the chance to be more creative again. I decided the best way to start an Event Planning business was to throw a great party and invite pretty much everyone I know. So I did it! It was a lot of work. I found a venue, a photographer, a DJ and started picking up decorations here and there. I created floor plans and timelines. I designed invitations, posters, business cards and flyers. I loved doing all of it!

As an Event Planner, the most important thing about putting together a beautiful event is the details; the beautiful flowers, awesome lighting, the linens and decorations. You need layers of decorations with different colors and textures. You need pops of sparkle here and there to pull it all together.

As the Host of an event, the most important thing for a successful event is the People! What is the point of throwing a great party if no one is there and having fun? As the Host, you want everyone to have an amazing time. You want them to enjoy the food and drinks. You want them to leave your event with great memories.

I feel like I accomplished what I was trying to do. Everything came together just like I planned it. Everyone had a great time. I don't know where this adventure is going to take me but I'm excited to learn more and grow as a person. I'm excited to meet new people and help them have great parties and weddings.

Until Next Time....XOXOXO

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