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Sullivan Surprise Party

Brian wanted to surprise his wife with a make up birthday party that got cancelled due to Covid. He knew with his busy work schedule he couldn't pull off a surprise like this without his wife's help. She was the family party planner! She always planned these type of things. So he called us to help! Under The Boardwalk was the couples favorite song. Luckily we were able to get the The Drifters to come perform the song for the couple.

Brandy Rose July Events managed everything but the guest list for this party so Brian could try and keep it a secret! Brandy was able to come to his office and return his calls during the weekdays to finalize the plans. He knew the "where" and "time" for this party but everything else needed to be planned and executed. Together we pulled off a Fabulous Surprise 50th BDay Party with live music from Bill Pinkney's The Orignal Drifters. The show even included fireworks at intermission. We rocked the roof off the country club. Good times were had by all!

Venue, Catering and Bar Services by Rockwall Golf & Athletic Club

Fireworks by PrestoTechnics

Airport and Hotel transportation by

Flowers by Venetian Gardens

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